Am I responsible for my water supply pipes?

Yes - the water supply pipe is the pipe that brings drinking water into your home from our water main in the street. You are responsible for the section of this pipe that runs from the property boundary into your home. Sometimes, several properties can share a supply pipe, which is when the rules on ownership and responsibility can become more complicated. 

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

I have no water (or low pressure), what should I do?

If you have no water or your water pressure has dropped so there's only a trickle coming out of the tap, don’t panic - there may be a pipe burst which is affecting your water supply

Why is my water discoloured?

Changes in the colour of your water can happen if we're carrying out some improvements to the water pipes in your area, or there's been a pipe burst that we've repaired.

Am I responsible for my wastewater pipes?

Yes - you are responsible for your internal plumbing (e.g. toilets and sinks), the guttering and drainage on the outside of your home, and the underground pipe which takes all your wastewater away (up to the boundary of your property).