Am I responsible for my wastewater pipes?

Yes - you are responsible for your internal plumbing (e.g. toilets and sinks), the guttering and drainage on the outside of your home, and the underground pipe which takes all your wastewater away (up to the boundary of your property).

If anything goes wrong with these pipes, you'll need to find a plumber or drainage contractor to get things fixed. When choosing a plumber, it's a good idea to use a member of an approved contractors' scheme. Head to the WaterSafe website to find your nearest qualified plumber. It's also worth checking your household insurance to see if you're covered for plumbing emergencies.

If the problem is on an underground pipe that serves some of your neighbours as well as your house, or is on a pipe located outside your property boundary, then it is most likely our responsibility to fix it.

We know that's a lot to take in! If you've got any questions, please Contact us.


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Do I need permission to connect to the public sewerage system?

Yes, it's really important that you let us know if you want to connect to our sewerage system.

I have a blockage in my sewer. Please can you come and fix it?

We'll certainly try to help if we can.

Am I responsible for my water supply pipes?

Yes - the water supply pipe is the pipe that brings drinking water into your home from our water main in the street.