What is the lowest bill guarantee?

Our lowest bill guarantee is our promise that you'll always pay the lowest bill when you switch to a meter. It works like this: every time we send you a bill, we'll compare your meter charges against what you would have paid on your old rateable value bill and always charge you the lower amount. Our lowest bill guarantee lasts for two years and if you've not made a saving in that time you can switch back to your old fixed bill. So you've got nothing to lose! Visit our meter section for further details on how to apply.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing a water meter save me money?

The majority of our customers who switch to a meter make a saving on their water bills.

I already have a water meter, does the lowest bill guarantee apply to me?

Our lowest bill guarantee applies to all customers who apply for a meter from 4th September 2020 onwards.

I am a tenant, can I apply to have a meter fitted?

It depends on your tenancy agreement.