Is it safe and secure to transmit my Automated Meter Reading?

Yes - the meters are a ‘one way’ device, so they only send meter read information out and have no functionality to receive any signal. In other words, they cannot be hacked.

All transmissions of AMR data is done via an encrypted message. The software to decrypt this data is strictly limited to United Utilities.

No customer details are stored on, or can be sent from, the meter. The only information transmitted is the meter serial number and the meter read data.

It is not possible to identify specific times and dates between meter reads; all that is collected is the last meter read. No data showing times of occupancy or time of use is collected.

AMR meters operate on an 868 MHz frequency, which is a common frequency and will not cause any interference to any form of home appliance.

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What are the benefits of an Automated Meter Reader?

If your meter is inside your home, it now means we no longer need to get inside your home to read the meter.

Can I still take my own meter readings from an Automated Meter Reader?

Yes - our Automated Meter Readers (AMRs) still have a display for you to take your own meter reading.

Is it possible to identify real time consumption with an Automated Meter Reader?

No, not at this time.