Why can’t I see my account history on the mobile App?

If you’ve just set up an account with us, or you’re new to the area, there won’t be a history available to view on your account yet. Once you start receiving and paying bills, and submitting meter readings (if you have a water meter), these will show up on your account history. Otherwise, you should be able to see up to two years’ of transactions on the App.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my payment history wrong?

Please allow some time for any recent transactions to show up on your account.

Can I see my previous meter readings using your mobile app?

You can check your last 2 meter readings once you have logged into our mobile app.

My meter details are wrong on the mobile App; how can I correct/update them?

If you’ve registered for My Account, you can update your personal details in the My Account details section.