Why can’t I pay my bill on the mobile App?

If you’re seeing an error message about the card you are using to pay a bill, please check that the card is either a Visa, Debit or MasterCard. Also double check the card number, expiry date and Security Code. Bear in mind that you’ve got three attempts to enter the right card details, after which you won’t be allowed to try again today. There’s also a chance it’s a technical blip at our end, in which case, we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can so that you can pay your bill. Please come back later on to check or you can still make a payment now using our automated payment service: 0800 980 6050.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my payment history wrong?

Please allow some time for any recent transactions to show up on your account.

Why isn’t the payment I made showing up on the App?

If you made an offline payment, for example at a Post Office or you sent us a cheque, you’ll need to allow some time for it to be received and processed.

Can I pay my bill using your mobile app?

Yes, you can pay your bill using our mobile app as soon as you’re registered.