My mobile app account has been locked, what do I need to do?

Once your account has been locked, that will be in place for 24 hours and the account can’t be unlocked by you or us during that time. The lock will continue to hold even if you close or uninstall the App. After 24 hours, you can register again and get a new code to start using the mobile App to manage your water account.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting an account locked message?

If you’ve entered your details incorrectly three times, your access to register for and use the App will be locked for 24 hours.

I have changed my mobile number, can I still log into my mobile app account?

Don’t worry even if you have got a new mobile number, you will still be able to log into your mobile app account.

How can I reset my pin number?

You can reset your pin number via our mobile app by selecting ‘forgotten PIN?’. We will then show you the last 2 digits of the mobile number of the phone you have registered.