Why has my payment plan increased?

Your payments may have increased if you have recently moved home as your bill could cover a longer period than usual. 

If you don’t have a water meter the increase is likely due to:

  • you have recently moved home and the yearly charge is higher at your new address due to your rateable value increasing 
  • you reduced your instalment amounts for your Direct Debit and they have been increased to cover the outstanding charges

If your home has a water meter the increase is likely due to:

  • visitors coming to stay or a new baby in the family
  • new appliances in your home using more water. For example, a power shower uses twice as much water as a normal shower
  • previously estimated bills
  • a balance brought forward from a previous bill, or your previous bill may have had a credit on it which has been used up
  • the amount of your payment plan may not have been enough to cover your bill

Still not figured out what could have caused your bill increase? Please follow our guide to help identify the reason. 

If you need further information, please click here to understand more about your bill.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

How are my Direct Debit payments calculated?

For customers who don't have a water meter, your annual charges are divided by the number of payments you choose to pay over.

How is my bill calculated?

The way we calculate your water bill will be based on whether or not you have a water meter.

How can I reduce my bill?

You could reduce your bills by switching to a water meter, if you don’t currently have one.