How are my Direct Debit payments calculated?

For customers who don't have a water meter, your annual charges are divided by the number of payments you choose to pay over.

For customers with a water meter, we estimate how much water you'll use in a year and divide the total into regular payments over 12 months. We calculate your estimated charges using your actual meter readings. The charges are calculated based on:

  • the amount of water recorded on the last 2 meter readings, plus standing charges
  • annual price increases
  • any balance outstanding (either because you used more water than we originally estimated or have missed a payment). The following year we'll adjust the amount you pay (up or down) based on how much water you're actually using

It takes at least 14 days to set up a Direct Debit, so your first payment will be taken on your chosen date after this period. You'll receive a schedule of payments in the post. If you register for My Account you can set up a Direct Debit online at a time that suits you.

The £5 annual discount will be taken off your first payment.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my payment plan increased?

There could be a number of reasons why your payments are higher than expected.

I have a meter and pay by Direct Debit, if my water usage changes how do you work out my payments?

When we first set up your Direct Debit, we look at your previous meter readings to estimate how much water you typically use in a year.

How is my bill calculated?

The way we calculate your water bill will be based on whether or not you have a water meter.