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Watch our finalists as they battle to become our Vlogstar 2019 and win fantastic prizes for their schools.

These students, aged 11-13, have done an amazing job to help spread the word ‘Think before you flush’. They dug deep to create their own vlogs and here’s what they made…Watch our videos and vote below.

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Louis & Ronan, Blessed Thomas Holford

"Breaking news: Are flushable wipes really flushable? Well, no they’re not."

Delilah, Charlotte and Daisy, Ellesmere Park High School, Eccles

"Did you know that every year 10 million wipes are flushed down the toilet?"

Louis, Robert, Harvey and Samuel, Millfield Performing Arts and Science, Thornton-Cleveleys

"As much as we live in a ‘disposable age’, it’s vital that you think before you flush."


Team SALSA, Altrincham Girls Grammar School

“Fat + wet wipes = flood.”

Laura & Hanna, Lunt’s Heath, Widnes

“All the toilet wants to eat is toilet paper, poo and pee.”


Ben, All Hallows, Preston

“These wipes have plastic fibres that can be dangerous to marine animals.”

DID YOU KNOW: Each day our engineers are out and about clearing 25,000 blockages at a cost of £10m a year.

DID YOU KNOW: Most of these blockages are preventable, as they are caused by wet wipes being flushed down the loo and creating fatbergs.

The winner/winning team: £250 Amazon vouchers for the student(s) and a £1,000 donation for the school and becomes a youth ambassador for United Utilities 

Runners up: £50 Amazon vouchers and a £250 donation for the school.