Are you a student moving house?

Even though you’re a poor student and have more important things to spend your money on, we’re sorry to say we still have to send you a water bill!

However, if you’re sharing a house, you might want to think about how you split your bill so you’re not left with the job of nagging everyone for their contribution. One option is to pay your monthly bill by Direct Debit – which means it’s taken care of each month, plus you get £5 off your annual bill for paying in this way. If you’re unsure about how to set up the sharing of household bills, have a word with your Student Union who should be able to help.

As for your water bill, if you’re moving into a new place, it’s dead easy to let us know. Just call 0345 026 7661 and we’ll get you set up in no time.

We’ll ask you for:

• the date you moved (or are due to move) into your new address
• your previous address
• the name and address of your landlord
• a meter reading from your new home, if it has a water meter. Not sure where your meter is and how to read it? Find help here