Joyce's story

Joyce had never considered herself to be struggling with her bills, they were just something that needed to be paid. Both Joyce and her husband Robert did their best to avoid falling into debt with the Pension Credit they received. However, with household bills continuing to increase, Joyce was beginning to find it more difficult to make her water bill payments on time and called United Utilities to see if we could help.Joyce's Story

How we helped

  • Joyce called our affordability team on 0800 072 6765

  • After talking this through with Joyce, it was clear that Joyce was eligible for our Help to Pay scheme. This scheme is aimed at people just like Joyce who are receiving Pension Credit and struggling with their water bill payments. The scheme reduced Joyce’s bill by over £150 a year which really helped to take the pressure off Joyce’s finances

  • To help with budgeting we also set Joyce up on a monthly Direct Debit which also reduced Joyce’s annual bill by an extra £5