Automated Meter Readers

We’re always looking at ways to improve the service we provide to you and make things a little simpler, so you can get on with the more important stuff.

That's why we've got a bit smarter with our new water meters. Whenever we need to fit a new meter or replace an old one, we use versions called Automated Meter Readers (AMR).

How it works

As the name suggests, these new and improved meters can be read by us remotely and automatically without the need for us to disturb you in your home. Our AMR meters transmit data using radio frequencies which are picked up by our meter reading devices as they drive past your home.

We love meeting our customers, of course, but being able to read your meter remotely has all sorts of advantages. You should benefit from accurate bills as we've not had to estimate your water consumption because we couldn't enter your home to read your meter.


Customer health and safety is always our top priority. Our AMR meters transmit data using radio frequencies which are thousands of times weaker than mobile phones. They are weaker than your microwave oven, a toy- radio controlled cars, or even a baby monitor. You would have to stand next to over 7,000 AMR meters to receive the same level of radio frequencies as you would through making or receiving a mobile phone call.

"Emissions from AMR meters are much less than emissions from other household equipment, particularly from mobile phones." - National Centre for Environmental Toxicology


Our new meters are cleverer , but they are not what other utilities call ‘smart meters’. They can’t tell, for example, what time of the day or night you are using water, or when your house is empty. The meters are designed to improve billing accuracy by sending your meter readings automatically. No personal information is stored in the meter or transmitted, we simply receive a meter reading and any alerts such as a leak, and all the data that we do use is encrypted.