Standpipe terms and conditions

Calm Network Operation Certificate:​

The user / operator MUST have a valid Calm Network Operation Certificate which is awarded following the completion of an online training programme. Opening and closing the hydrant must be managed in a SLOW controlled manner, as to prevent any sudden changes in the pressurised flow of the main. This can result in the transfer of natural sediments from the pipework being fed along the network.

Only United Utilities metered standpipes can be used to connect to our network.​

As a metered standpipe user you will be required to take meter readings on a monthly basis depending on your contract with us.

The metered standpipe should not be used in lieu of a standard building water supply.​

Applications for Building Water Connections can be made to United Utilities on 0345 072 6067.

Standpipes are not to be used on Fire Brigade hydrants (usually marked yellow or with a ‘FH’)​

50mm (2 ½”) standpipes must only be used on designated hydrants. Please contact the Water Regulations Standpipe Team for a list / external webpage of these hydrants in the area that you are working. If you connect a 50mm standpipe on a non designated hydrant you may cause network problems, you may also be liable for damages and insurance claims.

Strict Hygiene Procedures MUST be followed at all times.​

When connecting and disconnecting a standpipe, the chamber should be clean and any water and debris must be removed. The standpipe should be handled and stored separately from any contaminated environment before, during and after use. Standpipes should not be used for high risk activities in contaminated environments such as sewer jetting etc.

The Hirer and Operator of the Standpipes will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of any stolen, lost or damage to the metered standpipe or hydrant that has been used.​

All connections using hydrants and standpipes must be in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.  ​

Particular attention must be made to the provision of air gaps at the fill point of any vehicle or tank or other receptacle. Failure to provide the correct air gap is an offence.​

You should not leave a standpipe unattended while connected to our network. If you attach a hose you are responsible to ensure this is done in accordance with all relevant health and safety requirements.