Standpipe hire charges 2022/23

The standpipe hired will be 25mm diameter, with a water meter and a back flow prevention device fitted, and it should only be used on a designated “hydrant” connection point. ​

It should never be attached to a fire hydrant as this constitutes an offence.​

Applications for standpipes of greater diameter than 25mm will be considered only under certain circumstances.​

Any standpipe which is not obtained through our scheme should NOT be connected to our water network.​

Any illegal and/or incorrect users of a standpipe on our network will be prosecuted in order to protect water supplies.​



Annual hire charge - 22mm £304.92
Annual hire charge - 50mm £383.29
The minimum charge for a four week hire period - 22mm £23.45
The minimum charge for a four week hide period - 50mm £29.48

In addition a charge of £1.674 per cubic metre (m3) will be made for all water recorded as used through the standpipe meter. All these charges are subject to VAT.