Re-opening your business – is your water supply ready?

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many businesses had to close at short notice to protect public health and reduce the spread of the virus. As businesses now begin to consider re-opening as restrictions are gradually relaxed, it’s really important to take steps to ensure your water supply is safe for both employees and customers. One of the main health risks is related to Legionella, which can occur when water is left unused in internal plumbing for a number of weeks. The best way to avoid any potential health risks is to flush any stagnant water from your system to remove the water that has been sitting unused in your pipes before re-opening your business. Our leaflet explains how to do this and who to contact if you need expert help and we’ve also included a checklist that you may find useful:

Closing your business

Water quality advice for businesses who have had to close at short notice.

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