Lead and Common Supply Pipe Application Form


By submitting this form, I confirm that:

We can only accept applications from the property owner/s and will not be able to accept any application submitted by plumbers or any other parties on the customers behalf

  • I will NOT commence with any work to install a new supply on my property until my application has been processed and a formal acceptance received from United Utilities

  • All information provided is correct. If any information is incorrect, I am aware that this may result in delays in completing my connection, or the withdrawal of any agreement from United Utilities to complete the connection.

  • United Utilities will only complete the work on public land. I will be responsible for laying the new supply to the nearest available main on public land, as directed by United Utilities.

  • I understand that if I don’t use a WIAPS plumber I will have an inspection visit before a connection job will be raised. A charge may be applied for subsequent inspections, should the first inspection fail.

  • If on a common supply, I will be responsible for the disconnection of the existing supply where it joins to the shared section of the common supply pipe. If I am unclear as to this location, I will ask my plumber to confirm prior to undertaking any work on my property.  

  • The installation work will not begin until I receive authorisation from United Utilities, and all plumbing work must be carried out to complete with current Water Supply Regulations 1999.

  • I am aware that the connection will take up to 6 weeks from inspection, or the receipt of a WIAP certificate, and in some instances we may have to carry out additional risk assessments which may lead to increased timescales. Timescales may also be affected by circumstances outside of our control.

  • If United Utilities assets are located on private land I may be required to seek written permission from the land owner for United Utilities to dig on the private land prior to my application being accepted. I understand that this can lead to delays in processing my application, and completing the connection.

  • If major works are required to the United Utilities network prior to connection, this can also lead to extended timescales

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