Our bathing waters

Find our interactive bathing waters map here. Not only will it tell you about bathing water sites across the region, the map will also let you check the water quality at each beach and if it's been affected by the use of combined sewer overflows (which play a key role in helping to stop flooding if there's been very heavy rain, but can also affect water quality).

The map works in near real-time by monitoring these local overflows and then giving the bathing water one of two classifications:

  1.  'Water quality is not at risk from overflows' - this simply means we are not using any sewer overflows in that bathing water area.
  2. 'Water quality may be at risk from overflows' - this means one or more of our sewers is overflowing, or has recently overflowed in the area, and the bathing water quality may be at risk because of this.

Here are the beaches covered by the monitoring system:

  • Ainsdale
  • Allonby
  • Bispham
  • Blackpool Central
  • Blackpool North
  • Blackpool South
  • Cleveleys
  • Fleetwood
  • Haverigg
  • Meols
  • Morecambe North
  • Morecambe South
  • Moreton
  • Southport
  • St Bees
  • St Anne’s
  • St Anne’s North
  • Walney Biggar Bank
  • Walney Sandy Gap
  • Walney West Shore
  • West Kirby

We can only provide information about water quality in relation to our use of sewer overflows. Other factors like agriculture, dog fouling, surface water run off and private sewage discharges can also affect water quality. We can't measure any risks from these sources.