Eccles sewer improvements

During periods of heavy rain, some properties experience sewer flooding as the local pipe network becomes overloaded.  We've been working to develop plans which would improve the sewer network in Eccles and help reduce the risk of properties being affected.

Update 18 February 2021:

We've reviewed our solution and are now planning to install equipment at properties who are known to experience sewer flooding inside their property. We'll be liaising directly with the residents to explain what the work involves and when it's expected to begin.

The revised scope of our improvement work will address the internal sewer flooding. However, we will not be carrying out work which would provide any additional cover for external flooding, allowance for climate change or future growth in the area.  These would have been provided by the original underground storm water storage tank solution. As the planning application  was refused, we're only able to address the internal flooding which does not require planning permission.

If you have any queries please get in touch on 0345 672 3723 quoting project number 80061564 and we'll be happy to help.