We can all do our bit

We can all do our bit to help bring cleaner bathing waters to the North West.

Think before you flush

Flushing hand wipes and sanitary items down the toilet blocks pipes which can lead to flooding and more sewage getting into our rivers and seas. Just pop wipes and sanitary items in the bin. The product may say it’s flushable but that doesn’t mean it will dissolve and disappear. It is a big problem right across the country. If you stop putting these items down the loo, this will also help reduce blockages in your own home and could save you from costly repairs. Find more advice on our Think before you flush page.

Only rain goes down the drain

Did you know that our road drains often lead straight into our rivers and seas? This means anything else that gets poured down or washed in can affect our local water quality. So, don’t pour anything down them that you wouldn’t want to swim in!

Think before you pour imageThink before you pour

It may be tempting to pour your kitchen fats and oils down the sink but these can clog up your own drains, as well as sewage pipes and treatment centres risking more spills into our rivers and seas. Often just a quick wipe of kitchen roll is all that’s needed. We've been giving advice to take-away and restaurant owners in seaside resorts on how best to dispose of their cooking liquids, as part of our Think before you pour campaign.

Are you properly connected?

Do you know if your house is connected to the sewer network correctly? A toilet or washing machine that is wrongly connected to surface water drains may be flushing straight into the river or sea. Check out www.connectright.org.uk for more information.

Catch your rainwater

It’s often only when it rains that water quality at our beaches gets worse, so putting in a surface water butt in your garden helps reduce the amount of water running into surface water drains or sewers, helping to stop them overflowing. It saves water as well and you can re-use it for watering your garden and plants.

Love to walk your dog on the beach?

We understand beaches are a great place to take the dog for a walk, but please be a responsible owner by picking up mess and observing dog exclusion zones where they are in place. We know it sounds obvious but it’s surprising how much dog mess some of the local beach clean groups have found! Visit the LOVEmyBEACH website to find out more.