Save water, save money

Has your water bill gone up?

Are you spending more time at home due to coronavirus?

During these challenging times, we’re all spending extra time at home due to coronavirus and using a lot more water than normal. On average, water use has increased by 30 per cent as many of us are working from home or self-isolating which means you may have seen an increase in your water bill.

If you've recently received a bill from us, take a look at the usage section. Your bill shows your daily average water use compared to previous bills so you’ll see immediately if you’ve been using more water.

As you have a water meter, you’re paying for all the extra water you’re using. The good news is that it’s really easy to reduce your future water bills by making some simple changes:

  • Switch off the tap when you brush your teeth – a family of four can save up to £100 off their annual water bill by not leaving the tap running
  • Only switch on the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load
  • Only fill the kettle for what you need
  • Only use the half flush when using the loo, or if you have an older cistern order one of our save-a-flush bags to reduce water use

Remember, any reduction in the amount of hot water you use will help to reduce your energy bills too.

Take a look at our water saving tips and don't forget to order some fantastic freebies to help you make a saving on your water bill.