About us

We are United Utilities, the North West's water company - keeping the taps flowing and the toilets flushing for
3 million homes and 200,000 businesses across the region. 

Being just good enough isn't our way of doing things. We want to provide the best water and wastewater services in the UK, and be absolutely genuine in the help and support we offer our customers.

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Take a look at how the water industry is performing in areas such as bills, water quality and customer satisfaction. We also produce our own Annual Performance Report detailing how we're doing against our customer promises

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Our recreation sites

Our reservoirs, and the land which surrounds them, are located in some of the most scenic parts of the North West. And they're open to the public, so why not get out and enjoy them?

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Investing in the North West

It's our job to bring great water to 3.2million homes – not to mention 200,000 businesses - and to take it all away again so they can simply get on with their day. Behind the scenes (and often underground) we manage a network of reservoirs, treatment works, pumping stations, and water pipes and sewers to make sure water is always on tap.

Some of the money you pay us is spent improving that infrastructure; we need to make sure we can deliver the service you expect now, and in the future, as we see changes in the population, climate and technology affecting our water supply and the ways we use it.

Our investment plans reach right across the region, from Carlisle in north Cumbria to Crewe in south Cheshire. You can find out more below about the projects in your area.