Meet our homemade heroes

Our homemade heroes are on a mission this winter to ensure no one has frozen or burst pipes. We’d like to introduce you to our heroes. They might not wear capes, but they have some fantastic top tips so you too can have a burst-free winter. 

Sharon from Warrington

Sharon from Warrington is on a lagging roll! There's no stopping her now that she knows how to lag her pipes! #HomemadeHero

“My top tip is to keep your heating on low over the winter. This will help keep your house, family and pipes warm.” 

Peter from Oldham

Peter from Oldham always takes care of the lonely garden tap in winter. Keeping it safe and toasty. That’s what makes him a #HomemadeHero

“My top tip is to lag your pipes in places where it gets really cold, just like your garage and your loft.”


Ali from Manchester

Ali from Manchester lags his pipes and protects his new home. You too can be like Ali and be a #HomemadeHero

“My top tip is to find out where your stop tap is. This is always handy in case of emergency! It’s also good to keep a note of your plumber’s mobile number - just in case!” 


Paul from Culcheth

Paul from Culcheth checks his stop tap and helps protect his home and family. He plays it cool, but we all know he’s a #HomemadeHero

“Don’t forget about wrapping up the outside of your home too. Make sure you cover your outdoor taps so they don’t freeze.”