Can I find out where my meter is located using your mobile app?

Yes. Once you have logged into our mobile app, select ‘submit a meter reading’ which is shown in the pink box at the bottom of your dashboard. We will then tell you where your meter is located and what your meter serial number is under ‘meter readings’ at the top of the page.

If you need further help, please contact our friendly team on 0345 075 0715

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Can I submit a meter reading using your mobile app?

You can submit your water meter readings using our mobile app as soon as you’re registered

Can I see my previous meter readings using your mobile app?

You can check your last 2 meter readings once you have logged into our mobile app.

My meter details are wrong on the mobile App; how can I correct/update them?

If you’ve registered for My Account, you can update your personal details in the My Account details section.