How do I fit my Save-a-Flush?

It's really easy.

First of all, squeeze the Save-a-Flush to make sure all the air is removed. Then, lower the Save-a-Flush down into the bottom corner of the toilet cistern. Hold immersed for a few seconds then flush the toilet allowing the device to sink. Make sure the Save-a-Flush is towards the front of the cistern, between the ball valve and the front panel. Allow about six hours for it to expand to full capacity and check the ball valve and overflow are not obstructed. If your toilet stops flushing properly, please remove the Save-a-Flush from your cistern and dispose of it with your household rubbish.

Please note, we don't advise that you use a Save-a-Flush in a cistern which has a dual flush mechanism (2 buttons), as these are already water efficient.

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