How to deal with burst pipes

After another freezing and snowy week, it looks like the North West will start to warm up again. As the weather warms up, any frozen pipes in your home will begin to thaw. Some of these pipes may leak or burst as a result of being frozen and may flood your home. It’s worth taking a few steps now to be prepared just in case pipes burst in your home.

  • As the temperature rises, check your pipes in any cold places, like the loft or garage – can you spot any water dripping from the pipe? 
  • If you do, turn off your water supply at the stop tap and call a plumber or check if you home insurance covers water leaks and bursts.
  • Turn off the water supply coming in to your home at the stop tap and switch off your boiler. Watch our video below for advice on how to find your stop tap.
  • Open all your taps to drain the system quickly.
  • Soak up escaping water with towels.
  • Check with your home insurance company to see if you’re covered for leaks and bursts or call a plumber.
  • If you need to find a plumber in your area visit
  • If water has leaked near your electrics switch them off at the mains.

Please think about your family, friends and vulnerable neighbours and share this information with them too.

We’ll be out and about checking our water mains for leaks and bursts, if you spot a leak in the road or street, please let us know by completing our online form.


How to find your stop tap

A stop tap or stop cock controls the supply of water entering your home. It's important that you know where it is and that you can easily turn it off and on. If you ever have a leak in your internal pipework you'll need to shut your water supply off quickly