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We understand you may have some further questions about our work and hope we've managed to answer them below. 

If you still have a query you can get in touch by calling 0345 672 3723, quoting project number ADV.U.80040328.  We'll be happy to help. 

  • Why are you doing this work?

    Our project will provide environmental benefits by contributing to reducing the phosphorus levels in Windermere, building a more resilient wastewater network and help to enhance the amenity value of Windermere.

    During storm conditions our combined sewer overflow at Glebe Road can sometimes spill into Windermere to help prevent flooding. This increases levels of phosphorus that can create algal blooms.  By passing the flows through a 6.5km pipeline to our closest wastewater treatment works at Tower Wood we will be able to ensure this is treated to a high standard, before being released back into the environment.

  • Why does the new pipeline have to go down the main A592?

    We looked at all options including laying the pipe off the highway and through the hills, however due to the topography of the land this would not be suitable. We also looked at the possibility of laying our new pipe on the bed of Windermere. This would have been a less impacting method but due to environmental constraints this wasn’t an option.

  • The road closure will be really inconvenient, why can't you keep the road open during the work?

    We're sorry, we completely understand the road closure will be disruptive and we have explored a variety of alternative construction methods. 

    The hard rock ground conditions prevented alternative method of construction, therefore we need to use an open cut method to install the new 630mm diameter pipeline. The width of the road, and the working area required to install the new pipes means that for the safety of the public and our workforce we will need to close the road during a section of our work.

  • When will the lane closure and road closures start on the A592?

    Our season three work started in late October 2018.

    From Monday 7 January a section of the A592 will be closed between High Ghyll and approximately 500 metres south of the Beech Hill Hotel for approximately 7 weeks.  We'll also carry out further resurfacing work on areas where the pipe has already been installed that will require sections of the road to be closed until late March 2019.

  • Are you using the same road diversion route as your previous season of work?

    When we close the A592 we have to divert all traffic to a same standard of road, therefore we must divert traffic along another A-road. The alternative route will be sign posted as the A590 and A591.

  • I use the bus to get around, how will this be planned?

    We have been liaising with Stagecoach about our work and have a plan in place to continue the bus service; however this will follow an alternative route. The number 6 bus service will be timed to meet the X6 at the Newby Bridge Roundabout.

  • Will there be access for pedestrians and cyclists while the road closure is in place?

    We intend to allow cyclists and pedestrians through our work area during the road closure.  Cyclists will be required to dismount to move safely through the closure. 

  • If I live near the working area will I still be able to access my driveway?

    Our customer team will visit those properties that will be close to our working areas.  We’ll provide further details about how our work may affect access before the work starts and throughout the project.

  • What will happen if we need the emergency services along the A592 during your work?

    We’re having regular meetings with the emergency services to ensure they are kept updated about our work.  They will have plans in place and we will of course work to accommodate emergency vehicles wherever possible.

  • What happens to my bin collections during your road closures?

    We understand that bin collections still need to go ahead and we have spoken with South Lakeland District Council about this, our site team will collect domestic waste bins on the morning of the collection and take them to the end of our working area, your bins will then be brought back before the end of the day.

  • How noisy will the work be?

    This is a major engineering project and unfortunately this type of construction work will inevitably create some noise and vibrations. Site activity when we're breaking through the tarmac surface will be particularly noisy as we'll be using heavy construction machinery.  We'll be doing all we can to minimise noise and vibrations as a result of our work and will be monitoring this closely.

  • What hours will you be working?

    Our team will be working Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 5.30pm. During the road closure our team are also likely to work weekends.   

  • The road closure means my journey takes longer or incurs additional cost. Am I entitled to claim compensation?

    This work is a commitment to helping improve the water quality within Windermere which we are carrying out under our statutory duties. We are very conscious that this work will cause temporary disruption to journeys and daily routine for residents, businesses and tourists and we'll be doing all we can to complete this work as quickly as possible.  We do understand it's inconvenient, but unfortunately we are unable to consider requests for payment as a result of additional expenses which may occur while we are completing our work.

  • My business has been affected as a result of the work

    Our project customer team will ensure we keep you updated as the work progresses and explain any impacts for deliveries and access.  If you are a business who feel that your trade has been affected as a direct result of our work you may be able to claim for loss of profits.  The business would need to demonstrate a strong causal link where our work has directly impacted trade. Further details are contained within our Loss of Profits information sheet.

  • You've already carried out work in this area. So why do you need to return and carry out further work?

    In 2012 we completed a previous scheme of work to help alleviate flooding caused by heavy rain overloading the sewers and surcharging from a manhole on Glebe Road.  The work consisted of building a new stormwater underground storage tank close to the tennis courts which provides extra capacity on the network, an underground screening chamber, pumping station and control kiosk. 

  • What will you be doing to minimise impact to the landscape and ecology?

    The route of the pipeline was constrained by other existing services. Other utility companies will be arranging work to move their services to make way for the new sewer pipe. We carefully considered several route options and have been able to substantially reduce the loss of trees and hedgerows which would have been affected by the project. We are committed to doing as much as possible to minimise the environmental impact, and have also completed a variety of surveys to ensure our work will not impact on newts, bats and other species, many of which are protected.

  • Will this work impact on my water or wastewater services?

    Don't worry, this work will not impact on your water supply and you can continue to use all your facilities that generate wastewater as normal.

  • I am currently connected to a septic tank, could I now connect to your new sewer?

    Unfortunately not, due to the distance of our new sewer and the topography, we will need to pump high volumes (up to 400 litres a second) through our pipeline. This system would not allow any new connections.

  • This project is split over three winter seasons, when will you be able to provide more details of the subsequent stages of work?

    We’ll continue to work with stakeholders and the community to ensure we provide regular updates.  The project team held a public drop-in session in mid-October 2018 so we could provide further information and answer any queries about our season three work.

    If you have a query about our work please give us a call on 0345 672 3723.  We'll be happy to help.