Traffic information

West Cumbria Water Supply Project

The majority of our new water pipeline for the project will be constructed within agricultural land, however there are some points where the pipes cross roads and water courses.

We understand roadworks are inconvenient, and our teams will be working as quickly as possible to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum.  We’ll ensure signs provide advance warning for our planned work and any diversion routes are clearly posted to help direct traffic safely around our working areas. Where it is safe to do so we will try to maintain pedestrian access through our closures, but this may not always be possible.

Additional work taking place in West Cumbria

You may have noticed some additional engineering activity while our teams installed temporary water pipes or pumping stations.  This was put in place to allow us to manage and support water supplies and help ease the potential challenges on local water sources caused by the prolonged dry weather period. 

The North West has recently experienced some welcome periods of rain.  We've also increased our leakage detection and repair teams.  Our customers have also really helped by reducing water consumption around the home and levels of water storage in our reservoirs are improving.  As a result, we can now remove some of the temporary pipes and equipment so you may see our teams out and about.

We’re currently working at the following locations and have road closures or traffic management in place.  Thank you for your patience while our teams are working on the road.  If you have any queries please get in touch on 0345 672 3723.

Current roadworks

Location Details Dates

We'll have two teams working at separate locations to carry out road crossings on the new treated water pipeline route. The first team started work at Hotchberry Brow and will be working at each crossing point towards High Leys.

A second team will be working at various locations along the pipe route towards Summergrove, they will then move onto the crossing points from Kelton Fell to High Leys. Advanced notices will be in place at the closure locations as our work progresses with diversion routes clearly signed.


Current temporary road closures or traffic management in place at the following locations




A591 - one mile south of the Calvert Trust

Our team are working in fields next to the A591. To assist the large machinery with safe access and exit onto site we'll have temporary traffic management in place.

Due to recent increased rainfall we will need to make more vehicle movements which will require intermittent use of stop/go boards.

(A595) near to our new Williamsgate Water Treatment Works site

Traffic management. Two-way traffic lights and 30mph speed restriction through our work area.

Monday 1 October for up to 6 weeks


Future roadworks

Location Details Dates
(A5086) Lamplugh Road near the junction with Parkside Avenue, Cockermouth Lamplugh Road closure and diversion map available here (PDF 1.5MB opens in a new window) The closure will temporarily impact the X4 and X5 bus services which will operate via Low Road instead of Oakhurst. Further details of bus timetables are available from the Stagecoach website. Monday 22 October for 2 weeks
(U4017) Arlecdon Road Arlecdon Road closure and diversion map available here (PDF 426KB opens in a new window)  Monday 22 October for 1 week
(U4018) Pasture Road, Rowrah Pasture Road closure and diversion map available here (PDF 705KB opens in a new window) Monday 29 October for 2 weeks