Decorative image - getting water to your tap

Getting great water to your tap

Laying new pipes

We're constructing new pipelines to distribute the treated water into the wider network. The new pipes will be built across predominantly agricultural land and link from the treatment works at Williamsgate, through to our existing service reservoirs at Quarry Hill, Summergrove and Kelton Fell.

The section of pipeline from the new treatment works site through to Quarry Hill Service Reservoir has been installed and the land is being returned to how it was before we started work. We'll be monitoring the recovery of the areas where we've worked and still have some further activity to carry out replacing hedgerows, before we can finally remove our fencing and access points.

The team are now laying the southern section of pipeline through to our existing service reservoirs at Summergrove and Kelton Fell which has involved tunnelling under the River Derwent and the busy A66.

How this may affect you

Although most of the pipe will be located in fields, there are some points where we need to cross roads. This will require some temporary road closures to be put in place to complete the crossings.  We do understand road closures are inconvenient, but don't worry as we'll ensure diversions are clearly signed.  Further details of any roadworks can be found on our traffic information page (opens in a new window)Thank you for bearing with us.

New underground service reservoirs

We're constructing two new service reservoirs to store the treated water and link into the new distribution pipe network - one at High Leys and another at Moota Hill.

Construction work has now started and there will be additional vehicle movements to and from site while we move machinery, equipment and materials. Once completed in autumn 2020, the service reservoirs will be substantial underground structures that store the treated water and will blend into the existing landscape.

Refurbishing pipes on our existing water network

We're also refurbishing some of the existing pipes on our water network between Stainburn Service Reservoir and Cornhow Service Reservoir.  This work will be completed in two stages and involves inserting smaller diameter pipes inside the existing buried pipe, creating a secure new lining - a technique known as sliplining.

Although this method is generally less disruptive, some of our existing pipes are located in the road, so there may be some temporary traffic management required while we carry out our work.

The team have completed our first stage of work to refurbish the pipes between Stainburn and Broughton Cross. Overview of our first stage of work (PDF 351KB opens in new window).

We're now continuing with the next stage of our work to refurbish the pipes between Broughton Cross and Cornhow. The overview map illustrates where our team will be working (PDF 62KB opens in a new window).

The overview map illustrates all elements of the West Cumbria Water Supplies project (PDF 90KB opens in new window).