Decorative image - being a good neighbourBeing a good neighbour

We're certainly going to be busy!

There are a number of different elements to our project, but wherever our teams are located we'll ensure that we're completing our work sensitively to surrounding communities and the environment too. 

United Utilities Legacy Fund

Working with Cumbria Community Foundation, we developed a legacy fund aimed at providing help for local people and groups impacted, or based within the area of our West Cumbria Water Supplies Project.  Our aim was to help provide a lasting legacy and assist groups to realise projects that will provide social or economic benefits within the community. 

Lots of community and environmental groups have benefitted with successful applications from the fund.  From groups that offer support and advice within the community, through to sporting and youth groups.  The fund has also supported the creation of a memorial plaque unveiled by school children to remember former members of Broughton Village School who lost their lives in conflict during World War One.


This is a large construction project, so there will be extra traffic using the roads as we move both materials and our teams to and from the various sites.  We'll also need to have some temporary road closures or traffic management in place, but we'll make sure it's done safely and do all we can to keep disruption to local roads and communities to a minimum.

Wherever possible we’ve planned to carry out the sections of new pipe which will be installed in the road during the winter months, when they are usually quieter – so there’s as little impact on road users as possible. 

We'll keep our traffic information page (opens in a new window) updated as our work progresses.

Keeping the Lakes beautiful

This is a beautiful part of the world, so anything we build above ground will be in-keeping with the local area.

We've carried out extensive archaeological investigations and biodiversity surveys to identify areas that require extra care to protect them during our project.

It's impossible to deliver a project of this size without removing some trees. To make way for the new pipelines and associated infrastructure there will be trees and shrubs that need to be removed.  Our team have worked extensively to design the route and ensure we are able to keep tree loss to an absolute minimum.

United Utilities Tree Fund

Our plans incorporate supporting local tree planting initiatives, with a grant fund available to local landowners and community groups to bid for funds which support tree planting and woodland creation initiatives. The Cumbria Tree Fund is being managed by Cumbria Woodlands and further information can be found on Cumbria Woodlands website (opens in a new window) via email or by calling Neville Elstone on 07966 758594.

Helping to create new woodlands

We’re also working with Wild Ennerdale to create 20 hectares of new woodland at the head of the Ennerdale Valley. Further details will be available soon or you can keep updated at Wild Ennerdale (opens in new window)

Landscape and visual impacts

We understand having construction projects on your doorstep isn't easy, and unfortunately we won't be able to camouflage the areas where we're working.

As we construct the new pipelines, and as long as the weather is favourable, we're aiming to reinstate the land in the same season as our work has taken place.  This would also include any seeding, vegetation replanting and reinstatement of walls.  This may not be possible if weather conditions are unsuitable, in which case we'll return in the following spring to return everything back to normal.

We're committed to ensuring we can return the land back to the relevant land owners at the earliest opportunity, but it's also important that land is returned in good quality.

We've also incorporated landscaping into our designs for the new treatment works, service reservoirs and pumping stations.

Businesses and tourism

We’ll work closely with local people and businesses to make sure there’s as little impact on their day-to-day lives as possible, especially when working in the road.

Local economy

We're working closely with local communities and partner organisations to look at how we can help with training and skills in the area and especially those young people who are not in education, employment or training. 

We’ll tap into the local supply chain, to ensure our investment generates jobs and opportunities for work experience right here in Cumbria, and will never lose sight of the fact that our work is as much about people as it is about pipes.