Kendal Wastewater Treatment Works

Kendal Wastewater Treatment Works suffered significant flood damage following the storms in December 2015 which had a huge impact on our day to day site operations.  Production Manager, Simon Holding explains more in this short video. 

The outfall pipe which releases treated water into the River Kent became a casualty of the storm. To keep the site operating we installed an emergency pipe which was then replaced by a temporary underground pipe to allow the footpath to be reopened.

Our team started work in spring 2017 to install a new permanent outfall pipe to take the treated water into the River Kent. Due to the extremely hard rock conditions it has not been possible to safely expose a trench for the new outfall.  Although this is disappointing, we are committed to improving the quality of water released from the site and we will be working closely with the Environment Agency and Natural England to jointly monitor the river quality while we work together on deciding the most appropriate long term solution.

Helping us deal with the extra toilet flushes!

We've now completed a pioneering project to install an innovative new system at the wastewater treatment works. It's a clever process which uses less energy than conventional treatment methods, the process is known as 'Nereda' and is now being developed at some of our other wastewater treatment sites.

We've also carried out further elements of upgrade work which will help to provide further improvements to the quality of water which is released into the River Kent. 

If you have any queries about our project you can call us on 0345 672 3723 quoting project number LiMA 80043630.  We’ll be happy to help.