Decorative image - EnnerdaleEnnerdale and South Egremont

Taking action now to keep the taps flowing and protect the environment

Ennerdale Water has been used for water supplies for more than 150 years. Our long term-plan to supply West Cumbria with a sustainable water supply focuses on using Thirlmere Reservoir as the new source.  This will help to protect the sensitive environment at Ennerdale and the wider valley.

We’ve already been taking action and carried out several projects to start reducing the amount of water we take from Ennerdale. 

This has included

  • The creation of new boreholes in south Egremont which link through to Ennerdale Water Treatment Works via a new 13km pipeline.
  • New pumps and treatment units at Ennerdale Water Treatment Works
  • Reinstating the original course of Ben Gill, an old beck which now flows straight into the River Ehen – increasing the amount of water available to the river.
  • A new water pipeline from Summergrove Service Reservoir to Nannycatch Service Reservoir.

Our next elements of work

We had already installed some temporary pumps and pipes to help keep the River Ehen topped up when the water levels in Ennerdale are low. 

We’re aware these have been unsightly, but they are essential to help maintain the river levels. We’ve now started work to install a permanent underground pump and pipeline. Once this is complete the above ground pumps will be removed.

We’ll also be giving nature a helping hand by carrying out work to improve the fish pass at Ennerdale.  This will mean that salmon can migrate from the river, to the lake and back again more easily.

Keep Cumbria flowing

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