Sewer improvement work in your area

We may be heading up your street…and down the sewer

Every time you take a shower, flush the loo or wash the dishes the used water is carried along a vast underground network of drains and sewers to our wastewater treatment works, so it can be cleaned and then safely returned to watercourses within the local environment. With over 72,000 kilometres of sewers to maintain across the North West, we’re carrying out a major programme of work to help prevent sewer blockages or flooding and keep them running smoothly.

Almost 20,000 football pitches!

This huge project will involve checking the condition of the sewers to help identify any sections that need further attention. You may have already seen us! The teams are out and about to survey the equivalent distance of around 20,000 football pitches at different locations across the North West region.

We may need your help

The majority of manholes are located in public roads, verges or footpaths. However, some will be located on driveways, gardens or external land. We’d really appreciate your help so that we can obtain a full overview of the sewers condition. So, we may be in touch if we’ve identified a manhole which we need to access is located on your garden, driveway or within your external land. You can contact us if you need to check the identity of a United Utilities employee.

Going underground…

Roadworks, we know they’re a pain, but we’ll be using some pretty clever methods to carry out the initial surveys and keep disruption for the local community to a minimum. Sending special camera equipment along the sewer means we can get a closer look - from up above!

Think before you flush

We’re busy making improvements to the sewer network, but there are things that contribute to problems in the sewers resulting in blockages or flooding. The best advice is to follow the three Ps rule and only flush pee, poo and (toilet) paper down your loo. You can help us to keep the sewers in tip-top condition by thinking before you flush

What happens next?

We’ve been busy carrying out the initial surveys which will continue until December 2019. Our teams are planning the cleaning and repair work and expect this will take place between July 2019 and March 2020. Where the surveys highlight further work is necessary, we’ll ensure we keep in touch to let you know what work we’ll be carrying out and of course we’ll do all we can to avoid causing any disruption or inconvenience.

Think before you pour

Pouring cooking oil and fats down the drain can clog up the main sewer pipes and also contribute to sewer blockages or flooding. To help keep your drains and the sewers on a ‘fat free diet’ allow oils and fats to cool after cooking and scrape them into the bin. You can help us to keep the sewers in tip-top condition by thinking before you pour

Wash, flush…carry on as normal

You can still flush the loo and continue to use all your appliances or facilities that take away the used water from your home or business.

If you would like to speak to our friendly team, please call us on 0345 075 0717