Traffic management and planned work in Carlisle

  • Projects 4 and 5 - Warwick Road

    We understand our work along Warwick Road has caused traffic delays and we really do appreciate your patience.

    There are two large pipes that run along Warwick Road which help us to distribute water around the city. We've replaced one of the pipes and have made some changes to the flow direction, so we can replace the water pipe on the southern side of Warwick Road. This next stage of work started on Thursday 9th January.

    One-way system There's a one-way system in place from Monday 20th January for traffic heading west into the city centre on Warwick Road. The diversion route is clearly signed to direct traffic onto Victoria Place and Lismore Place for approximately 16 weeks.  For safety Broad Street at the junction of Warwick Road is closed.

    Temporary traffic lights We always do our best to plan the work so we can avoid or minimise the use of traffic management. Due to the location of the existing pipe, and to make sure we can carry out the work safely, we'll need to install some temporary traffic lights.

    We'll need to dig a hole to access the old pipe and install the next pipe section outside the Brewers Fayre/Premier Inn. The lights will be in place from Monday 3rd February for up to 4 weeks. Our site team will be closely monitoring the traffic flow and we'll do all we can to keep traffic moving as freely as possible. 

    Junction of Warwick Road and Montgomery Way From Thursday 20th February there will be a temporary reduction in road width and traffic management in place at the junction of Warwick Road and Montgomery Way, opposite the Toby Carvery Restaurant. Two-way traffic flow will be maintained and we expect this section of work will take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

  • Project 4 - Field next to Carlisle Youth Zone

    We still have a little more work to complete and expect to be finished in this location in early 2020.

  • Project 4 - Field at the junction of Montgomery Way and Durranhill Road

    Inserting new sections of pipe into the existing water pipe which runs along Montgomery Way towards Victoria Road. This work will continue until Spring 2020.

  • Project 10 - Lorne Street

    We've removed the traffic management and will need to return to carry out some pipe connections.  This will take place once the demolition of the former Central Plaza hotel is completed.

  • Overnight work

    As work is completed on the larger pipes, we will then start to clean the smaller pipe network.  This work often takes place at night when there is less demand for water and involves using high pressure water jetting to flush the pipes and remove any mineral deposits. 

    The team are working in stages and moving into the Stanwix, Carleton and then the Lowry Hill areas to flush the smaller water pipes.

    We'll be using equipment that will generate noise, however our teams will do all they can to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. Before we start this work we'll send a card to let you know when we'll be working in your area.

    If you have any queries about our cleaning work please give us a call on 0345 075 0717 and we'll be happy to help.