Our plans for Cumbria

We've always had a close relationship with Cumbria’s landscape and its people. The county is integral to the well-being of the North West as it supplies around a third of the region’s water. It’s our job to make sure that this precious resource is taken from the environment in a responsible way, without affecting the area’s sensitive ecosystems and stunning scenery.

And we want to continue. We've already invested around £455 million in Cumbria’s water and wastewater services over 2010 – 2015 and we’ll be investing a whole lot more over 2015 – 2020.

Over the next few years you’ll see the creation of new:

  • water pipes including a major new pipeline for West Cumbria
  • sewer pipes
  • treatment works
  • environmental enhancements

This will support the region’s economy and tourist industry, and protect Cumbria’s wildlife.

We've been busy developing a long-term solution for West Cumbria, to avoid placing undue strain on sensitive local water sources such as Ennerdale Water, home to protected species. Planning has now been approved to link this area to the rest of our water network through a major new pipeline, securing supplies for local people and businesses, and ensuring wildlife is not left high and dry.

We've now started this project, but wherever our work takes us over the next few years, we promise to be a responsible neighbour, working closely with local communities and partner organisations.

Find out more about works in specific areas of Cumbria:

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Also, see our Keeping Cumbria Flowing booklet for more information