2018 Affordability Summit

The North West’s first-ever Affordability Summit

Monday 15 January 2018
St George’s Hall, Liverpool

This event brought together more than 100 stakeholders from across the region to discuss how more support could be provided to customers struggling to pay their water bills and to stimulate new ideas and share best practice.

Supported on the day by Rt.Hon Angela Eagle MP and Lord John Bird, founder of the Big Issue, the event was attended by charities, foodbanks, Citizens Advice Bureau, credit unions, debt agencies, housing associations and local councils amongst others.

In terms of making a difference, five broad themes of activity emerged from the day. These will be sponsored by members of the community and throughout 2018 will turn the initial ideas into solutions that really make a difference. The five broad themes were:

  • North West Community Advice Hub – empowering the advice community to access all the support available for their clients;

  • Metering makes a difference – changing the perception and dispelling the myths about water meters;

  • Early intervention – how to proactively approach and help customers before they fall into debt;

  • Just about managing – providing options and solutions for customers before they fall into debt;

  • Community education – helping to educate our most deprived communities on budgeting and money management issues

The first-ever Affordability Summit

You can read about the North West's first-ever Affordability Summit here (PDF 1,380 KB opens in a new window) or watch our video for highlights of the day.