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Think before you pour experiment

Join Turbo Tom from Mad Science as he shows us why you shouldn’t pour fats, oils and greases down your sink. Hint: it’s not pretty!

Please don’t try this at home, Turbo Tom is in a laboratory with safety equipment.

The wet wipe experiment

Turbo Tom from Mad Science shows us why it’s so important to only flush the 3 P’s – pee, poo and toilet paper!

Watch Tom’s experiment, and try it for yourself using our FREE downloadable worksheet! 


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Have you tried the wet wipe test?

Check out Molly’s experiment and have a go yourself. Don’t forget to send us your videos and we’ll share the best. In the meantime, please help us by never flushing wipes - and remembering to only flush the 3 P's - pee, poo, and toilet paper!