Educational talks

We know that sometimes it is difficult to get out of the classroom so we are offering free educational talks where we will come to you. The aim of the session is to raise pupils’ awareness of the water cycle in their lives and to teach them about the far reaching impacts of their water usage. Pupils will learn how to become water efficient and gain an understanding of why this is such an important matter. They will also be taught about the dangers of entering open waters, such as a reservoir.

The programme is most suitable for Year 4 or Year 5 pupils but can be successfully adapted for other year groups. It is delivered in school by education officers with over 20 years experience and Enhanced CRB clearance and includes:

  • A stimulating and entertaining morning session covering many cross curricular links
  • A water audit of an area of your school, with selected pupils, to make recommendations regarding water efficiency. Kingfisher officers will provide and initiate activity (to be led by the class teacher) to take place whilst the audit is underway
  • Water diaries to enable pupils to monitor their own water usage

For more information or to book a talk please visit the kingfisher website or contact our educational provide, Kingfisher Education Services on:

Telephone: 01257 425550 or 07531 670229


Download our KS2 water cycle and water efficiency schools programme (PDF 480 KB opens in new window).

You don't want to flush that down the loo

Video teaching children to put the right things down the loo (the 3 p's - pee, poo and toilet paper)