Road closure in Oldham for new pipeline

18 January 2017

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Motorists in Oldham are being warned to allow more time for their journeys as a key road is closed for the next three months.

Streetbridge Road is closed from Middleton Road/Streetbridge Road, at the entrance of Royton wastewater treatment works, to just before the junction of Cragg Road.

The closure, which began on Monday 16 January, is for United Utilities to lay a new sewer pipeline.

A diversion route is signposted along Middleton Road, Oldham Road, Broadway and Burnley Lane.

Chris Tighe, project coordinator for United Utilities, said: “We understand the road closure is inconvenient but we are carrying out a major piece of civil engineering.  We need to dig a deep trench for the new pipeline and there would not be enough room to do that safely if we kept the road open for traffic.

“We have planned this with the council and the bus company and we will do the work as quickly as we can to minimise inconvenience.”

United Utilities says it will maintain access for residents and to business premises where possible throughout the work. All businesses will be open as usual throughout the road closure.

It is part of a £80 million project to improve Oldham and Royton’s wastewater treatment systems.  The treatment works at Royton will not be able to clean the area’s wastewater to higher new environmental standards in future.  So the Royton plant is being closed down and a new 4.5km pipeline will transfer the sewer flows for treatment at Oldham wastewater treatment works in Chadderton.

The Chadderton plant is undergoing a major upgrade so it will be able to treat wastewater from the whole area to the new standards, meaning cleaner water in the River Irk and a cleaner local environment.