Stage 2: age 50 - retirement

2: Decision ahead

During this stage you will need to make a decision!

Things that you need to do:

  • Invite you to a financial planning session, when you reach the age of 53
  • Contact you to explain the choices that you now have to make before you need to make them
  • Send you annual reminders to review your journey
  • Provide information on investments as required through our defined contributions newsletter

By the end of this stage you will have moved into a personal journey specific to you and hopefully have a better understanding about which direction you will be heading in and the time you are looking to retire.

Visit BlackRock for more information on what you need to be thinking about at this stage

If you have any queries please contact the Scheme Administrator BlackRock in the first instance. BlackRock will deal with your query if possible or ensure that someone within United Utilities does so.

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Saving for the future

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