Our projects

As the North West’s water and wastewater company, we’re committed to doing our bit to safeguard the natural environment around here, improving and protecting the lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

We also do everything we can to help life flow smoothly for our customers in the local community.

Here’s just one of the multi million pound projects you could be working on.

As you may already be aware we’re linking West Cumbria to the rest of our regional water network. We’re investing in a major new pipeline to link Thirlmere reservoir to West Cumbria, as well as a new water treatment works, pumping stations and underground service reservoirs. By tapping into the spare capacity at Thirlmere and planning carefully, we can reduce the long term environmental impact. 

A sunny lake view in Cumbria

Why? We need to reduce the amount of water we take from Ennerdale Water as soon as we can, and eventually stop all together. The new pipeline will help to protect wildlife in the lake and the River Ehen, whilst ensuring there is still enough water for local people and businesses.

Over the next few years you’ll see the creation of new:

  • water pipes including a major new pipeline for West Cumbria
  • sewer pipes
  • treatment works
  • environmental enhancements

We’ll be securing supplies for local people and businesses and ensuring wildlife is not left high and dry.

Visit our Cumbria site to find out more about our plans for keeping Cumbria flowing.

West Cumbria Pipeline

Find out more about our major new pipeline