Meet Sarah, our quantity surveyor apprentice

Sarah is in her first year of her apprenticeship and is thoroughly enjoying learning new things and interacting with new people.

“I am an apprentice quantity surveyor with United Utilities. I chose this career path as I thought a lot of my natural skills and qualities were suited to the role of a quantity surveyor. My apprenticeship so far has allowed me to put these things into action and I am thoroughly enjoying learning on the job. United Utilities has a constant stream of projects and each one offers the opportunity to use different skillsets and learn new ones. This variety of work was very appealing to me.

“My degree apprenticeship is five years long with a day a week attending Liverpool John Moores University and the rest of the week in the work place or on site. At the end of the programme I will have gained a degree in Quantity Surveying. Year five provides an opportunity to become a fully chartered quantity surveyor with the RICS, which I will definitely be pursuing.

“My apprenticeship has made me feel part of a team which has boosted my confidence. Learning new things and interacting with new people is something I really enjoy doing. Everyone at United Utilities has been very supportive, this has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone helping me grow as a person. The outward bound course which we went on at the start of my apprenticeship was amazing and really encouraged me to challenge myself. My experience so far has assured me that I am definitely on the right path and have chosen the right career for me, with the right employer which is really satisfying.

“Working for and supporting a business that provides essential water services to millions of people every day is amazing and makes me feel really proud of what I am doing. I knew people who already worked for United Utilities before I joined, so I already had some knowledge about the company and how good of an employer they are. I learnt about the apprenticeship scheme through the company website and applied straight away.

“My future goal is to become a fully chartered and senior quantity surveyor within United Utilities. In achieving this it is also equally important to me to grow as an individual, develop my skills, learn new things and expand my knowledge of the construction industry. I hope to become a valued member of the team and the wider United Utilities community.

“The best thing about my apprenticeship is visiting sites and seeing projects come together from the contract being awarded to the final stages of completion. I also love working closely with people who have years of experience. I find the things I learn from my mentors extremely beneficial and feel it is something you can only benefit from by working alongside people instead of studying a full time degree course. I am a practical, hands on person and learning whilst working really suits me. I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone for these reasons and definitely with United Utilities!”