Meet Paulina, our leakage technician

After being made redundant, Paulina has discovered a new career as an apprentice and loves working in the North West.

Meet Paulina

How did you find your apprenticeship?

I found out about the apprenticeship through my mentor at the job centre. I was recommended to join a session with The Launch Group. We were taught how to write a CV, covering letter and how to prepare for the interview. We were also set a creative challenge by some employees at United Utilities.

What attracted you to the position?

Even though I have been well educated it was hard for me to advance my career in the UK. Every country has a different way of writing your CV and different things are important for recruiters so I didn’t know how to offer myself as an employee. I wanted to get a better job but I couldn’t for so long. I was sceptical after so many rejections I didn’t believe I could get anything better. I was frustrated and at some point gave up.

I’d been made redundant due to Covid and I was looking for a job. After my mentor’s recommendation I just went for it. It was the best decision of my life.

What advice would you give to somebody applying for the apprenticeship scheme?

GO FOR IT, don’t try to overthink about the future role. United Utilities is a really great company with the support. Every employee is important.

If somebody was debating between starting an apprenticeship or going to university, what would your advice be?

If you prefer to learn practically instead of sitting in front of the computer all the time, choose an apprenticeship. If you are ambitious and want to continue to study United Utilities offers this as an opportunity and might even sponsor your studies by paying the tuition.

What is your favourite thing about your current role?

Everyone is so friendly. I know that whoever I ask for help, I will get it. I love all the mental health support and the opportunities I have. Every day I can be in a different place and I see different parts of the North West. Being outside is so refreshing and sometimes I work in nature. It’s not as dirty as everyone might think and sometimes it’s like solving a mystery, trying to find out what happened and why.

Have you seen any benefits of completing an apprenticeship for your future development?

I have already learnt so many things. Not only technical knowledge, specific to my role, but also interpersonal skills, working in a team, giving support to others, and learning how to work towards a more inclusive work environment.