Meet Kathryn, our water network apprentice

Our apprentice, Kathryn, is training to work in our water network area. She’s loving her apprenticeship so far and shares what she’s learnt.

Kathryn, apprentice

“The water network department is really diverse and the learning experiences and opportunities I have already encountered have been phenomenal. I chose this scheme because it’s extremely hands on and it allows my knowledge and skills to grow.

“I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship. I’ve learnt so much already and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new. Everyone I work with is really friendly and willing to help me if I need it. My apprenticeship has created so many opportunities for me, such as giving me the chance to win the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award. I was so delighted to have won this and it’s made me even more enthusiastic to do well within all my work. It’s also encouraged me to push myself in everything that I do, because in the end you’ll be rewarded. The apprenticeship scheme comes with many opportunities, and although you have the work to do, the guidance and support available is huge and this has really benefited me.

“I chose United Utilities because they offer a great apprenticeship scheme, with benefits like healthcare and a pension scheme. They’re also a FTSE 100 company, so it was a great achievement to be accepted into such a structured company. I also chose United Utilities as I didn’t want to do A-levels and I wanted to do an apprenticeship.

“United Utilities give all their apprentices the chance to go on the Outward Bound trip. This was a brilliant way to bond with the other apprentices. I particularly liked it because I was able to demonstrate my leadership skills and guide my team through different challenges. One of the activities was to climb up a mountain in the Lake District and camp there overnight. This was my favourite part of the whole experience, as we were able to use particular skills that we’d previously learnt. Everyone got on so well at the Outward Bound programme and it was a great way to start our apprenticeship at United Utilities.”