Meet Daniel, our field service engineer

Daniel is always keen to learn something new. As one of our apprentices, training to be a mechanical field service engineer his thirst for knowledge is being satisfied every day.

Daniel Hough, Apprentice

Dan shares his experiences and what he hopes for the future…

“I’ve always been interested in mechanical engineering and the job role seemed perfect for me. My apprenticeship has allowed me to learn new skills whilst working in a real working environment. At first I didn’t know much about engineering, but within a couple of weeks of starting my apprenticeship I knew it was the right career path for me.

“Mine is a four-year apprenticeship and I’m currently working towards a Utilities Engineering Technician Standard which I’m on track to achieve. The job role entails writing up various accounts of jobs that I’ve completed over the four years to ensure I meet certain criteria.

“I chose an apprenticeship with United Utilities for various reasons. It’s a company that’s recognised across the North West and offers a lot of employee benefits. Before I started my apprenticeship, I had recommendations from my family and friends who knew people working for United Utilities. They all told me what a great company it is to work for.

“My future goal is to become a qualified mechanical engineer and successfully complete my apprenticeship. I know I can set my goals as high as I’d like to at United Utilities due to the number of opportunities available. I believe there’s always a chance to learn and grow.

“The great thing about my apprenticeship is that it allows me to learn new skills and develop my capabilities so they can be used throughout my career. I’m looking forward to what the future may hold at United Utilities.”