Meet Matt, our development schemes administrator

Matt has finished his apprenticeship and is in his fourth year at United Utilities. Read about his experience and how he has benefitted from his apprenticeship.

“I’ll be honest, when I first began looking for an apprenticeship I had no idea what role I wanted to go into. All I was constantly told by my family and friends is that I should pursue a career which involves working with people. With this in mind, I stumbled across the Human Resources apprenticeship opportunity at United Utilities and the role profile sounded perfect for me. It was only when I finally joined the organisation in September 2016 that I actually began to understand how important Human Resources was to an organisation’s success. But also, the huge number of different teams and possibilities available in the area.

“My apprenticeship was a two year scheme and I was able to gain two Level 3 qualifications in Business Administration and CIPD. I have also since been lucky enough since completing my apprenticeship to be enrolled upon some further education, working towards a Level 4 within Project Management.

“My apprenticeship has benefitted me in a number ways, not only professionally, but in my personal life as well. I have managed to gain qualifications and skills which will stay with me throughout my entire working life. I have gained confidence and understanding of how a huge FTSE100 company works. Finally, due to having the opportunity to “earn while you learn” I have been able to travel the world, purchase a car and get a mortgage on my first home!

“I chose United Utilities due to the fact they are a hugely respected employer with a very important service to their customers. I first learnt about their apprenticeship schemes through family friends who had both spent over 25 years with the organisation. They were influential in helping me decide which organisation I should join.

“Since coming off scheme I have been rolled onto my project management qualification and have also been entered into my substantive post which is to support the management and development of the apprentice and graduate schemes within United Utilities. But, my future goal is to one day end up as a project manager within United Utilities, shaping and driving the way in which our organisation works!

“The best thing about my career at United Utilities has to be that I now help and support shape and develop the apprentice and graduate schemes. It is fantastic to be able to use my experience as an apprentice to continually improve our award winning apprentice programme!”