Sustainable supply chain

We are committed to ensuring that work that contributes to our success considers the needs of the present and future generations. We have set out our sustainable supply chain strategy accordingly.

Our strategy is based on The British Standard for Sustainable Procurement BS8903. The standard balances economic, environmental and social considerations such as whole life costing, expenditure analysis and best value.

We are using a category management model to identify where we can improve sustainability criteria in our tendering process and to work more closely with our suppliers to improve their understanding of our requirements and sustainability objectives.

Supply chain sustainability school

In May 2015, United Utilities became a partner in the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and the Offsite Management School, as part of our ongoing sustainable supply chain strategy.

The schools are free at the point of use, providing self-assessments, tailored action plans, training and seminars focused on improving sustainability and offsite construction capabilities.

Over 70 of our suppliers are already taking advantage of the schools, and we encourage all of our suppliers to join, complete the self-assessment and take advantage of the free resources such as seminars and training materials.