How we buy

Our approach to engaging with our supply chain is to conduct all dealings with integrity, fairness and to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical requirements in conducting our business.

With our supply chain we seek constructive and sustainable relationships and aim to:

  • Foster long term agreements within clearly defined boundaries of contractual responsibility. 
  • Work with organisations whose business conduct, principles and standards are compatible with our own and who meet or are committed to seeking to match our own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and supply chain sustainability standards.    
  • Treat our supply chain ethically.    
  • Our vision is to be the best UK water and wastewater company, providing great service to our customers. Our company values of Innovation, Integrity and Customer Focus help provide us with the right attitude and environment to achieve this vision. The values are set to reflect our high standards both for ourselves and our supply chainCIPS Corporate ethics


We have taken steps to identify areas where there is risk of modern slavery occuring within our supply chain, and to attempt to eliminate that possibility. For more information you can read our slavery and human trafficking statement and information about the modern slavery policy below.

Sustainable supply chain

Find out how we're working to ensure that work that contributes to our success considers the needs of the present and future generations

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