• As an existing supplier, please get in touch with your Commercial contact at United Utilities. When you become a supplier to United Utilities, as part of our procurement process we will ask you to sign up to the principles.

  • Once USC is embedded in our supply chain, we would like to demonstrate who we are engaging with by showcasing these logos in any communications we may create.

  • Yes – we would encourage you to share these resources in your own supply chain.

  • Please get in touch with your Commercial contact at United Utilities or if you are already signed up to the Responsible Sourcing Principles please contact via the email on your USC communications.

  • Please take a look at our Supplier pages here.

  • As a Signatory to the United Utilities Responsible Sourcing Principles, a supplier commits to adhere to the principles, to develop their own supply chain by sharing resources, training and upskilling their staff, whilst working with United Utilities to assure this approach by identifying and mitigating risk.

    As a Leader, suppliers not only agree to uphold the United Utilities Responsible Sourcing Principles to the same level as a Signatory, but also commit to go further by demonstrating their commitment to the principles, collaborating with United Utilities in improving practice, and identifying new ways of working to enhance the value delivered to customers.

    We would encourage those suppliers who are strategic to UU operations to become leaders. 

  • Yes, of course you can. You will still have the same access to resources and communications etc.