Site drainage

To support you in the early stages of planning a development, we've included some high level principles for draining new developments.

  • We will assist the draining of developments in a sustainable manner
  • Surface water from new developments should not be connected to the public combined sewerage system
  • All options for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) must be explored prior to any application to connect to the public sewerage system
  • We do not adopt SuDS
  • We have no legal duty to accept highway drainage from new developments into the public sewerage system. However, in some cases highway drainage will be considered as part of the overall attenuated surface water drainage strategy  
  • We will not accept land drainage discharges to the public sewer network
  • Where you are designing discharges to ponds and/or to ditches on low level flat sites, please Contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure your site levels are adequate.


On 6 April 2015, changes were made to the Town and Country Planning Policy and Guidance to give Local Authority Planning Departments the responsibility for ensuring that new developments are drained in a sustainable way, through the planning process, in consultation with the Lead Local Flood Authorities. 

Please talk to us regarding the drainage of your new development at the earliest opportunity. We'll do our best to help, but drainage advice given by our Developer Engineers may be superseded by the requirements of the Planning Authority as part of their planning conditions.

We'll continue to work with the Local Authorities to promote the use of SuDS on all new developments and options for SuDS must be explored prior to any application to connect to the public sewerage system. 

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